Here's another fast and easily implemented office procedure that creates great client relations. At the start of an engagement, on that first meeting, introduce (with great dignity and respect) not just your lawyer associates, but your staff as well (as many as practicable). You don't have to have lengthy meetings. Just have something already in mind to say that gives a warm and confident feeling about others that might help you with the matter.

Take off your shoes to solve billing issues. That's right! Take off your shoes right now. We'll tell you why in just a minute. Lawyers spend hundreds of hours thinking, researching, writing, and arguing the law right down to the finest legal points. But when it comes to dealing with clients on the *most* sensitive matter of all, many lawyers look the other way. Lawyers, it seems, are just like everyone else when it comes to discussing dollars. There's a reason for that; it *is* difficult to talk about the price for your services. This is especially true when many lay people are clueless about what lawyers do and how they charge for it.

The specialty company, American National Lawyers Insurance Reciprocal (ANLIR), which was
active in lawyers' professional liability insurance in several states, has been placed in receivership by regulators. This could spell big trouble for lawyers who are currently insured or depending on tail coverage from this Tennessee company.

A call a day keeps the lawsuit away..

Here's a pretty easy tip to help keep your clients happy.

Take a quick look at your current client list. Think about each client for just a few seconds, especially about the last time you actually talked to them.

Betty Grable's Legs vs. Your Smile...

I remember hearing years ago that Betty Grable's legs were insured for one million bucks. Wow! That's a lot, especially back then. But did you know your smile could be worth $750,000, or more? It's true.


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