Ethics and Risk Management Hotline

Lawyers who subscribe or have access through their state bars, insurance companies, or other entities can access special toll-free hotlines for ethics or risk management advice.  Staffed by an interactive team that consults other lawyers on difficult cases, the hotline is completely confidential.

Calls range from simple ethical questions to queries regarding complex interrelationships among teams of lawyers. Assistance in obtaining and evaluating liability coverage and questions relating to potential claims are also a large part of the program. Significant expansions of areas of assistance are planned as the program matures.

If you have not been advised of the availability of the hotline from your state bar or insurance carrier, please complete the request form below, or call 714 760 3040 for more information.

Key Benefits:

  • One-stop service for lawyers with ethical, practice or risk management questions
  • Expert advice efficiently given
  • Most questions answered in less than 24 hours