Courtesy Calls for Better Client Relations

A call a day keeps the lawsuit away..

Here's a pretty easy tip to help keep your clients happy.

Take a quick look at your current client list. Think about each client for just a few seconds, especially about the last time you actually talked to them.

Make a checkmark by the 10 that you have not talked to for the longest time. Now make that check into an "X" next to the ones you have not talked to for more than a month. Call one or two of those names each day. Just check in, say hello, tell them if something has happened on their matter or even just that you are still waiting and wanted to check in to see how they were doing and update them.

It doesn't need to take a long time. You can even start the call with, "Hi John, I just had a few minutes in between clients and wanted to touch base." Or if you get their voice mail, you can leave a quick "no need to call me back, I just wanted to say...," message. You'll still get "credit" and it could take less than one minute. It's very cheap PR and insurance rolled into one.


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